Week 2 – Circles, Videos & Bigger Boys

by Frank Hamilton

Thursday night.  Tele on (mute).  Sat on the couch with a brew, some hobnobs and what is about to become the second installment of #OneBlogaWeek.

It’s been a bit of a weird few days since I opened the new online shop on Sunday and I seem to have spent most of my time going round in circles.

Typing out chords/lyrics for the eBook.
Packing up and sending merch.
Queuing at the Post Office.
Typing out chords/lyrics for the eBook.
Packing up and sending merch.
Queuing at the Post Office.
Typing out chords/lyrics for the eBook.
Packing up and sending merch.
Queuing at the Post Office.
Typing out chords/lyrics for the eBook.

…you get the idea.

Outside of my new daily routine I still have two personalities:

‘Oh, #OneSongaWeek. Where have you (and my sense of daily achievement) gone?!’  😦


‘Oh, 2013. You look pretty tasty. Let’s dance!’  🙂

Maybe someday soon I’ll get to have a long weekend off, visit a country with sun in and figure out how I really feel… but in the meanwhile here’s some news about physical CDs:

Every night this week I’ve been releasing 5 signed copies of ‘The Best of #OneSongaWeek’ in the online shop.  Much like the previous days, Thursdays batch went on sale and were gone within a minute (literally)…

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 22.58.39
If you’re wondering why on earth I’d do such a silly thing it’s because there aren’t many copies of the first ever, hand-made pressing left and something like this gives everyone who wants one a fair(er) chance.  If you’re still after a copy I’ll be releasing another batch today and announcing times on Facebook and Twitter so keep your eyes peeled (and get there a minute early)!

While we’re on the subject of CDs, the winner of the Facebook competition (and new owner of the above CD) is Molly Dunlea. Congratulations Molly!

…and now for the exciting part.  Here are some videos from the #OneSongaWeek live show on 20th December.

If I Die Tomorrow (the night before the world was supposed to end)!

Soundchecking with Newton Faulkner.

If you like these you might want to come and see me live in the in April/May (I’ll be touring)… and if you’ve not written on this Facebook status yet and told me where I should visit then make sure you do!

Finally, I haven’t been doing enough exercise lately so I’d like to finish week 2 with a little story…

The Psychology of Football

When I was young I used to love football and that hasn’t changed, but these days I appreciate the psychology of the beautiful game a lot more than I ever did…

Most days in summer I would cycle down to the neighbouring village in the hope that there would be a game I could join.  I was no Cantona but I was certainly no Heskey and more importantly I loved it, so every available hour was spent running around and honing my skills (both on the field and off it).

One thing I never did get the hang of, though, of was the bigger boys.  They were in charge and they made the rules.  If you wanted to play you had to ask them and if you were lucky enough to be allowed you had to pass the ball to them at every opportunity.

The bigger boys were temperamental (at best) and their mood would consistently impact upon everyone else.  As far as they were concerned I didn’t need to be there and they weren’t at all coy about it – which didn’t do much for my confidence levels and subsequent performance.

Too many times I let them get the better of me and too many times I questioned why I cared for their opinions (before arriving home in time for dinner, telling my mum everything was fine and trying to think of ways to get in their good books for next time).  

But that was then and this is now.  Times have changed.  I’ve changed.

This week I went home, cycled down to the game (which was in full swing), walked right up to the bigger boys and spoke…  

Who knows what I said?  It’s not important.  For the first time ever none of it mattered.  Before the conversation I knew what I was going to do (join in, make my mark on, and above all enjoy the game), and no matter what was said during it that determination wasn’t going to be swayed.  Not for no-one.  

And so far it hasn’t….

We’d be foolish to think we don’t need the bigger boys at all. They organise well (sometimes) and can make things happen that the rest of us wouldn’t otherwise be a part of, but we must always remember that they are not the be all and end all… and ultimately they only care about themselves.

Getting their approval is nice, but you’re not obliged to pass to them. 


This Time Last Year:

I was finishing off week 2 of #OneSongaWeek and writing a blog about chicken, while still trying to decide if the whole thing was just a silly waste of time! Looking back I’m not entirely sure about the sound of week 2, but I really like the song itself. Potential B-side perhaps…