Week 3 – Touring, Statistics and Team-work.

Hi, how’s it going? You look nice…

I’d like to start this weeks #OneBlogaWeek by telling you about a few things:

1) TOUR!  I’ll be playing some shows in April/May and so far I’ve announced dates in London, Birmingham and Southampton.  More to come!

2) I had another silly idea (complete with it’s very own hashtag) and I’m REALLY excited. More on that soon.

3) Lots of you have been asking me to put more physical copies of ‘The Best of OneSongaWeek’ up for sale in the online shop, so I’ll be doing just that over the weekend – 10 copies on Saturday (at Midday) and 10 copies on Sunday (at 9pm).

4) This morning I woke up to over 4,000 faces on both Facebook and Twitter!  I’m no mathematician, but there seems to be an awful lot more of you than there was a month ago.  Let me find my calculator…

Money Spent:
Promo: £0
Tea: £30 (conservative estimate).

Records Sold:
More than I should have 🙂

Stats Increase (since album release):
Facebook: 51%
Twitter: 121%

If this trend continues I can expect to end 2013 with:
Facebook: 3,187,500 likes
Twitter: 16,452,499 followers

Ok, so the very last one is completely made up… told you I was no mathematician!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 13.04.01



My week’s been ok (thanks for asking).  I’ve been working on a few new songs (early days), tidying my house and persevering with the 52-track chord & lyric book (which seems to be taking ages), as well as popping into town every now and again…

Last week I kept you up to date with a little story about football and this week I’d like to do the same.

I don’t just like football, I live and breathe it… and right now I’m (very) focused on reaching the highest level I possibly can.  The weeks, months and years ahead involve lots of practice and lots and hard work but that alone won’t be enough to get me where I need to go.  If this is happening (and it is – we’re talking premier league here) then there is one thing I simply won’t succeed without… a team.

If you’ve not already guessed, music is a lot like football (and I’m not about to get my shin-pads out)…

Two of the most important people in my team are already in place and they are:

  • My very own Alex Ferguson (aka Andy), who brings out the best in me and tells me to tweet more often.
  • My very own crowd (aka you),  who keep me keeping on with your incredible support (cheese-infested but true).

There has and will continue to be a few conversations over the next few weeks, each with the sole purpose of selecting the right team to move forward with. From lawyers to pluggers, agents to investors and producers to street team leaders, it’s all very exciting.  It’s also very well timed in the sense that I’m more or less finished with #OneSongaWeek duties (chord/lyric book aside) and able to take a bit of a step back and think about what I really, truly want from all of this.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 13.04.22


This Time Last Year:

The reality of having just signed up to writing, recording and releasing a song a week (for the next 49 weeks) was starting to set in.  I talked about ‘Mr Enormity’ and wrote, recorded and released some words about the town I grew up in.  Here’s the song and an excerpt from the blog:


“I’m no doctor, but I am convinced that ‘Small Town Syndrome’ is playing a big role in the demise of my home town (and maybe yours too)_ and I’m desperate for it to be recognised as a genuine and serious medical condition”Read more here.