Week 4 – Hopes, fears and silly ideas…

Friday Morning. 2am:
I knew the transition from #OneSongaWeek to 2013 would be a hard one.

Last year was all about minutes, hours and days. Things got done quickly and the demands of such a project meant that I could actively encourage others to join in the (fast-paced) fun.  Ideal.

2013 is a little different – the real world works in days, weeks and months. I’m still chomping at the bit but the problem is I don’t have a legitimate excuse to encourage others to do the same.  Frustrating.

Right now I’m waiting for any one of 3 bits of news to come back but truth be told I can only think about one of them… and if the answer’s not ‘yes’ then I’m going to be well and truly gutted.


Friday Afternoon. 2pm.

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up 10 minutes before your alarm goes off, although at the time I was too preoccupied with sourcing a half-decent breakfast and making it to a meeting on time to notice. I left the house at 10, made to Costa Coffee for 10:32 and an hour later I was on the Northern line on my way home again when my phone made a noise… (for those not in London, they have wi-fi in some tube stations these days)!

An iMessage and an email from Sir Alex Ferguson combined to deliver 2 out of the 3 bits of news.

The first – more tour dates. There’s still more to come but here’s a list so far…

21st April: SOUTHAMPTON: Tickets here
26th April: STOCKTON (near M’Boro): Tickets here
27th April: BIRMINGHAM: Tickets here
30th April: GUILDFORD: Tickets here
3rd May: LONDON: Tickets here

The second – and the only bit of news I was after was regarding the silly idea I had last week and guess what?! …THEY SAID YES!!!!!

Out of all the silly ideas I think this might be my favourite so far and I can’t wait to start planning now we’ve been given the nod. I don’t want to give too much away but this will be all about some songs, some strings and hopefully a series of gigs. Confused? So am eye.


Let’s move on (before I give the game away) and talk about a video I watched on Thursday. If you’ve never seen a ‘Rap Battle’ before then let me introduce you to my new favourite Youtube hobby…


Some of you may recognise the chap on the left, who is of course Mark Grist. This time last year (after seeing his first battle rap) I chanced an email (using the form on his website) to see if he might like to get involved in #OneSongaWeek…

12 months, 2 collaborations, a live-show and several laughs later I’ve lost no admiration (or jealousy) for Marks understanding of words and it’s great to see him back on the battle-rap scene and taking things up a notch. We haven’t spoken since the first week in January (the best thing about #OneSongaWeek is that I get to be friends with all these people afterwards!) but I’ve no doubt he’s got some things up his sleeve and 2013 will be an interesting year for him, too.


Lastly, someone on Facebook asked where to download my cover of The Smiths ‘Please, Please, Please’ so I thought I’d end this weeks blog with just that.


On the basis that the tempo, time signature and some of the lyrics are different it’s probably less of a cover and more of a mash up (sorry purists!), but I hope you like it all the same. FYI it’s free to download.


This Time Last Year:
I wrote a song about a girl called Ashley and told a little story (about how I used to fancy her like crazy back in school but then she married an idiot… before she was even old enough to drink)!