Week 5 – Monkey-Tennis, Interviews & Raffle News

Dear all,

It’s 09:52am on Friday Morning and much like the blog for week 50 of #OneSongaWeek I’m starting this from the depths of the underground (Victoria line Northbound if you’re interested)…

Everyone else is either reading The Metro or playing Monkey-Tennis on their smart phone (apart from the girl sat opposite me who has her face in in a Greggs pastie) and I’m sitting here with tired eyes and a laptop, plotting my course through this weeks #OneBlogaWeek.

Let’s be methodical about this. Here’s an itinerary:

  1. Tour news.
  2. Interview with BBC Radio 5live.
  3. Competition/raffle news.
  4. My next silly idea.


1) Tour Stuff.

The London show on May 3rd is now officially sold out, which is mental!  I try not to get too wrapped up in these things but when I think back to a year ago, the prospect of selling out a 300+ capacity show (not to mention more than 3 months in advance!) was less of a prospect and more of a pipe dream.  Needless to say I’m sat here looking at the possibility of adding in another London show and smiling my little socks off.

The rest of the tour is almost finished (just waiting for a few more ticket links) and you can find all the ticket info on frankhamilton.co.uk (click on the logo and then go to the live section).

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 18.56.28


2) Radio Interview.

I’ve just been sent the MP3 of an interview I did for BBC Radio 5 live in December, in which myself, Doton and the soon-to-be legendary Jamie Stangroom chat about #OneSongaWeek and play some songs.  Here it is…


3) Competition Results.

On Monday I posted a competition/raffle on Facebook asking people to pick a number between 1 and 200… 517 entries later, here we are!

NB: Sorry if you were one of the 317 who got there late and gave a duplicate answer. We’ll do this again soon with a bigger number and maybe even some better prizes 🙂

Without further ado, the winning numbers are:

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 18.55.15

I’ll post on Facebook tomorrow with the corresponding winning names and tell you how to get in touch if you’ve won!


4) My next silly idea.

One or two people on Twitter have cottoned on already and I’m going to give the rest of you one more chance to figure this out for yourselves because…

You and eye are going round in circles.

Got it?! More details next week.  Until then, enjoy yourselves (and each other).

Frank xxx