Week 7 – 5,000k, a Cup of Tea & some PMA.

First things first, I announced a London show a few days ago.

It’s an all ages, full band show Upstairs at The Garage in Islington on Monday 11th March and there’s also a scheduled meet n greet afterwards.

It’s on a school night so we’ll be starting around half 7 (with a support act) and finishing around 10 so everyone can make it home safely and soundly in time for some sleep before Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 17.43.31

If you’d like to come and haven’t got your ticket yet, you can grab one here:  http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/frank-hamilton-tickets/40739


This Week:

This week’s been a bit all over the place.  Literally.  I’ve done about 5,000km!

It was supposed to start with a train to Stanstead on Tuesday but they were all cancelled, so I took a taxi with two randoms and still ended up spending £55!  A plane, a sleep and a five hour car journey later I arrived in Madrid to sit inside a stadium with 85,000 others and watch 22 men kick a football around on some grass for 90 minutes.

The game was special, as was getting to spend a few days with my folks in the sunshine, but it didn’t last long.  By Thursday I was back on a plane to rainy London and up at 8am Friday for a meeting and then a trip to Cardiff.

Cardiff was fun for about 15 minutes until I got on the train to Caerphilly and arrived in Ukulele heaven.  Less than two hours later I was on my way home again… with a new toy 🙂

This weekend is going to be a quiet but busy one, working away on a few bits and bobs.  I’ve got all those competition prizes and some merch orders to pack and ship, a chord and lyric book to finish (the end is in sight!), a house to tidy, some clothes to wash, rehearsals to organise (for the gig and for my next silly idea) and so on.  Then tomorrow I’m off to meet an accountant, visit the guitar repair shop, talk to a man about a stage, have a rehearsal with my drummer and do a bunch of other things that probably aren’t very exciting to read about.  (Sorry!).

Finally, a song I wrote about doing some bad things and wanting to give them up has been put on an online tea advert.  You can watch it here:


Aside from travelling 5,000 physical kilometres this week I’ve also been on quite a journey inside my head and am pleased to report that I’m no longer a smoker.  It’s early days but I’m taking it pretty seriously this time and truth be told, am really quite excited about it all!  (Here’s to PMA).


This time last year:

#OneSongaWeek got down with the kids and went all Dubstep. It’s nice to hear something random and different with one of my songs but part of me wishes I’d gone with a version of Unstoppable that was more ‘me’ (for want of a better way of putting it).  Not to worry though, I’ve a feeling we’ll get to that in good time (very soon, when it’s album time).

Here’s week 7 of #OneSongaWeek if you’d like to get your glow-sticks out…