Week 8 – Gumtree & The Piano

by Frank Hamilton

Another concise installment of #OneBlogaWeek, starting with some news on the live front:

London, there are still a few tickets left for March 11th Upstairs @ The Garage.  They are £5 each and the first 25 people through the door will get a little present.  Available from here or here.

Leeds, it didn’t look likely but somehow it happened! I’ll be in town on April 25th at a place called Northern Monkey. Tickets here.

While we’re talking about live stuff, here’s a video from the #OneSongaWeek live show in December.  The 21st and final song in the set, ‘Flaws & Ceilings’.


This Week:

The days have been productive enough (rehearsals, planning, admin, etc etc) but the evening’s have been much more exciting…

On Monday I made a snap decision – ‘I will own a piano by this time next week’.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 18.55.39

Tuesday was spent looking at Gumtree and watching Lauren Aquilina (from the above video)’s first ever headline show in Kings Cross!

On Wednesday I went to visit a nice lady called Lisa, who lives in Richmond and was selling a piano for £50.

…and on Thursday me, my friend Jacob, Lisa from Richmond and Steve from the Big Yellow Van Company conspired to transport said piano from Richmond to my flat in Clapham.  Voila!

There’s something special about having a proper piano in your house.  It’s beautiful (but it needs a tune)!


This Time Last Year:

Week 8 – ‘Make Things Make Sense’.  I wrote a song about moving to the big city and a blog about some old Australian housemates…