Week 10 – Firstly to Seventhly…

by Frank Hamilton

Things have been a little hectic the last few days, so apologies for week 10 of #OneBlogaWeek actually arriving in week 11!

Firstly, Sunday is the new Friday! From now on #OneBlogaWeek will be arriving on the sabbath.

Secondly, here’s an advert that made me chuckle:


Thirdly, here’s a free download of a cover of the song on that advert. It was recorded live in session for XFM a few years ago.


Fourthly, here’s a photo of a grandfather clock I bought (from a charity shop in Brixton) to put onstage for the show at The Garage in Islington.  £80!

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 01.00.18


Fifthly, that’s all.  I’ll be back on Sunday with week 11 of #OneBlogaWeek featuring my thoughts, some photos and maybe even some videos from Monday’s show.

Sixthly, actually that’s not all!  I just found this video of me and Ryan Keen performing ‘Miles Apart’ from the #OneSongaWeek show in December…


Seventhly (this is getting silly now), that really is all.

Have a lovely week,

Frank x


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