Week 12 – The #LondonEyeEP

It’s Saturday evening (21:33 to be precise) and in around 12 hours time I’ll be waking up for the most important day of 2013 so far.  The #LondonEyeEP.

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 16.59.42
It’s been a hectic week of organising, rehearsing and stressing but as I sit here (on the couch, with a cuppa and some chocolate hobnobs) I’m reasonably happy with how everything’s gone so far and I feel like I’m staring Sunday in the face with just about the right mix of excitement and nerves.

Now’s probably the time to tell you a bit more about the plan itself, but first I need to introduce you to the gang, every member of which has my undying love and thanks for giving up their time to be a part of what is essentially a ridiculous idea.  They are, in no particular order:

James Earp – A superb producer and dear friend. In charge of recording audio.
Andy Knox – Friend/manager, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.
Maddie Cutter – A hugely talented cello player with a penchant for candles.
Sophia Rees – Viola extraordinaire, melody maker and wine taster.
Harry Handyside – A friend of a friend who films/directs amazing things.
Giordano – #OneSongaWeek photographer/behind the scenes camera.
Barbara Benson – #OneSongaWeek videographer/behind the scenes.
Naomi Lake – Extremely talented MUA who worked on the ‘Wet Shoes’ video.
Tom Cumberland – If you have hair he knows what to do with it.

EDF London Eye – They own the London Eye… and they said yes (to the idea)!!
sE Electronics – They make the best microphones, some of which they’ve lent us to use. How lovely 🙂
Topman – Meant well by offering 10 pieces of medium sample sized clothing. I might wear the shoes.

So here’s the plan:
The gang come to mine. I make bacon sandwiches.
We set up/dress up/tune up and rehearse the set once.
We pack everything down.
We get in a car and drive to Lambeth North.
We park the car and carry everything to the London Eye.
We get on the London Eye (at 5:30).
We hope everything works and all being well record a 3/4/5 track EP.
We get off the London Eye (at 6:00).

The plan after that is sketchy.  We’ll see how everyone feels but I like the idea of going to another location and doing the whole thing again (why the hell not, eh?).

It’s now 22:33 and I’m starting to yawn and think about bed… and the more I think about it the more it seems like a really good idea.