Week 21 – #TeamFrank

by Frank Hamilton

Bank Holiday Monday. 1:41am.

So far my bank holiday weekend has consisted of tidying the house, organising paperwork, cleaning floors (& ceilings) and drinking cups of tea.  I feel like I’ve not really made the most of the sunshine but since Saturday and Sunday were my last free days before I go away on tour again, I figured I should spend them wisely (and not fritter them away with whiskey on Clapham Common).

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Some quiet time at home has also done wonders for my head, which has felt a bit all over the place recently (nothing new there, then).  Being busy / living day-to-day is great and I wouldn’t swap it for anything, but I’m glad that this weekend has finally afforded me some time to sit down and reflect on everything that’s happened, everything that’s happening and everything that’s yet to happen.

Anyway, enough about the nonsense in my noggin. Here’s the plan for this weeks blog:

1) #TeamFrank – (it does what it says on the tin).

2) Support Tours – Lucy Spraggan and Lewis Watson.

3) Festivals – From Gloucester to Inverness.

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1 – #TeamFrank

If there’s one thing that gets me out of bed on a shit day, it’s the constant stream of loveliness I get sent on Twitter, Facebook, Email, Snapchat and so on and so forth.  It’s pretty obvious that without your support I’d be working in WH Smiths (or somewhere far worse), so I’ve been thinking of ways to bring us all a little bit closer together and get those of you who wish to be actively involved.  Ladies and Gents, I present #TeamFrank

#TeamFrank started out as me, Frank (without the hashtag), until my manager Andy showed up and stuck a ‘team’ in front.  Since then a few more people have entered the fold and their various skill-sets are being utilised for the greater good…

So, if you want to be on #TeamFrank, then you can be (simples)… how involved you are (in #TeamFrank and subsequently my career) is entirely up to you!!

For now, you just need to do one thing.

Copy and paste the following into an email and send it to: teamfrank@live.co.uk


Nearest Town/City:

Any Other Info/Ideas/Things you’re good at:

NB: Make sure you do this by Friday if you’d like to be involved in the Lewis Watson tour.  The first email to the whole of #TeamFrank will be going out on Saturday!


2 – Support Tours

In a few days time I’ll be joining up with Lucy Spraggan for the last 3 shows of her tour in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).  Then on Sunday I’ll be making my way from Edinburgh to Newport to join up with Lewis Watson, who I’ll be on the road with until June 21st (dates and ticket links here)!  I’d never been invited on a support tour prior to last month, so needless to say I’m feeling very lucky/spolit! HUGE thanks to Lucy and Lewis for inviting me along.



3 – Festivals

This year I will be singing songs at the following festivals. Click on them for more details:

Saturday 6th JulyBarn on the Farm

Saturday 20th JulyLondon Folk Festival

Saturday 27th JulyRedFest

Sunday 28th JulySecret Garden Party

Friday 2nd AugustBelladrum

This Time Last Year:

I didn’t know it at the time but I’d just penned the unofficial anthem of Euro 2012, ‘Sing for England’ (featuring Mark Grist, Mixy and Year 5 at The Priory Primary School)!  Read all about it here.