Week 31 – Belladrum / Bonnie Scotland

by Frank Hamilton

First things first, I wanted to remind you about this (my biggest ever headline show)…


You can grab tickets from here for £8: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/frank-hamilton/69587

FYI: It’s an all ages show with a 10pm curfew (for trains home) and after-party details (it’s my Birthday the day after!) will be announced in a few weeks.


From the future to the past, and back to last week’s little jaunt to Scotland (to perform at Belladrum festival).

Thursday morning didn’t go entirely to plan.  I was en route to Clapham Common tube station carrying 2 guitars, a ukulele, a guitar stand, merch suitcase, laptop and hand luggage case when my ‘duct tape’ system (which involves taping things together so there are less things to carry) failed miserably.  15 minutes later I was in a taxi en route to Kings Cross train station, slightly stressed and £25 lighter.

We (myself and Andy, who was also carrying too much stuff) made the 12:23 to Huntingdon with about 3 minutes to spare before travelling for an hour, meeting my parents and picking up the car, which was to take us 7 hours north for a stopover in Edinburgh…


We arrived a little groggy but the view of the castle from my friends flat on Frederick Street (and the fact that it was day 1 of the Edinburgh fringe) soon perked us up!  We went for a few drinks in town and wound up at the Speigal tent on George Street – where none other than Holly Drummond (from week 31 of #OneSongaWeek) served me the poor mans equivalent of Jack Daniels in with some Cocacola and ice!


I banished the Edinburgh hangover with a cold shower in Inverness, where the hotel was kind of nice but also kind of weird.  Pro’s included a cafetiere in the room and free WIFI… con’s included the smell and the fact that the coffee tasted less like coffee and more like dirt.


Arriving at Belladrum on Friday afternoon


Playing some songs (to another packed out tent!) on Friday evening.


Last (and favourite) festival of the Summer?!


Someone gave me this after my set (and then ran away)!


The ‘Summer 2014’ look. #AheadOfHisTime


Ghosts by the fire (which couldn’t have been lit at a better time – we were cold).


Jacob and Rox flew back. Me and Andy took on the 10 hour drive… #Bleak


Fork You if you think I’m coming back…

Back in London and in the studio.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it (very, very soon)!

This Time Last Year:

I wrote a song with my friend Terry (who used to be in Alicia’s Attic back in the day) and a girl called Holly (the same Holly who I bumped into in Edinburgh this week) featured on vocals!!