Week 33 – #SummerEP and Stuff

It’s 1:24am and I’m sat at the dining table in my parents house, running low on chocolate digestives but high on life (after this evenings little announcement). What a difference a few days make…

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 01.49.16

Week 33’s blog should have arrived last week but it was a bit like McDonalds beef before it’s been washed in toxic waste – not really fit for human consumption.

Basically, it was just a mish-mash of words about being tired (but also lucky to be tired), worrying a lot and not having the ability to switch off… EVER.

There’s a really fine line that needs treading with this sort of stuff (and that irks me).  On one hand I want to be totally honest about a) the way I feel and b) this industry, but on the other I know I probably shouldn’t.  I’d also like to think that you lot know me pretty well by now… and that’s definitely a blessing and a curse.

  • A blessing for obvious reasons. I write songs and you sing them – everyone’s a winner (also, I like your face).
  • …and a curse because sometimes I forget that words, sentences and paragraphs can be taken in SO many ways depending on the reader, their perception of the situation and whether or not they burnt their toast this morning.

For example (and to give you a bit of an insight), here’s an excerpt from last weeks blog that didn’t make it past quality control…

…It’s definitely down to the week I’ve had, which has (and kind of still does) make me want to punch a wall just so I can be taken to A & E and dosed up on morphine while they click my fingers and thumbs back into place.

Jess from Birmingham might read that and think: ‘Aww bless him. Hope things get better‘, where as Tom from Luton might think ‘What?! I work 9-7 every day in a job I hate and he’s moaning about doing music for a living‘.

I guess it’s all relative – as are the ups and downs that define my mood on a daily basis.  Right now I’m in a totally different place to where I was last week and who knows where I’ll be in a few hours, days or weeks time… (perhaps in a cornfield?! – see below).

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 01.49.30

I know where I’ll be between September 20th and October 10th, though… and that’s on tour (where life is far more enjoyable and far less complicated)!

Speaking of tour, we’ve been running a competition to design some merchandise and I’m really going to need your help on the judging front!  There have been over 100 entries (and loads I really like) so I figured I’d post as many of my favourites as I can fit in to week 34’s blog… and over the course of a few days we’ll narrow it down and pick some winners!  So without further ado…

Week 34 – #FrankMerchComp.

ETA – early hours of Sunday morning (when I’m back in London town).