Week 36 – #FrankSupportComp – THE RESULTS

4 hours and 3 cups of tea later… I’ve just finished watching all the #FrankSupportComp entries!!

First though, what better way to start week 36’s blog than by shamefully plugging my new music video (for the song people were asked to cover) – a year on from when the original #OneSongaWeek version was written and recorded.

FYI It’s the lead track from the forthcoming ‘Summer EP’ (which isn’t very summery) and you’ll be able to pre-order it in less than 48 hours – from midnight on Thursday/Friday!!!

Now then, on to the winners of the #FrankSupportComp…

Before I announce them, can I just say how much I’ve enjoyed the last few hours.  It’s always nice to hear people cover my songs (and make them sound great) but it’s also nice to sit down for 5 minutes and be reminded that there is SO much talent and SO much individuality out there. Don’t go changing (is basically what I’m saying).  I won’t get all X-Factory about it but some decisions were as hard as others were easy. There are a few I’m super disappointed not to include but I’d like to think we’ll do this again sometime in 2014….

Anyway, without further ado… here are the winners (and their covers):

Megan D

Darrell Coyle

Lizzie Jane 

Rob Wilson

Emma Corbett-Usher

Adam Double

Other ones I really enjoyed and definitely deserve a mention are (I’d put all the links in but it’s 3:03am):

Lauren Castle, Finn HP, Emma Crowder, Danyl Brown, Charlotte Hackett, Jamie Willets, David Jay Moore, Fabian Bellassie, Emi McDade, Bella Dalton, Nick o’Shea, Beth Bowman, Charlotte Dee, Gemma Abley, Daisy Morey, Jack Rosies, Izzy Jewell, Megan Lane, Dan Astles, Emily Jones, Emily Carr, Izzy Galbrieth, Holly May, Anna Wilson, William Freeman, Jazmine Kelly, Yassi V, Bea Holloway, Ollie Bowern, Annie Callahan , Corina Palmer, Rhiannon and Verity Gaston.



Please email andyknox ‘at’ live.com to sort out the arrangements – look forward to meeting you all!



HUGE thanks for your time and effort and please keep doing what you do.  Let it be known that none of the covers offended me in the slightest (I thought there would at least but one or two!) and some of you came very, very close and are unlucky not to have been chosen – but them’s the breaks, right?  Stay in touch (on twitter/facebook) and definitely come and say hi if you’re heading to any of the upcoming shows (I’ll be kicking around after all of them).

Lastly (and just in case you didn’t process it the first time) the ‘Summer EP‘ pre-order will be going live on Thursday night/Friday morning at midnight.  I can’t WAIT to tell you all about track 3 (you’ll see what I mean)….

Thanks again. All the love,

Frank x


This Time Last Year:

The old version of ‘Summer’: