On 24th March 2013 Frank Hamilton became the first person to record an EP on the London eye in the time it takes to go round once (28 minutes).


With 5 days planning Frank picked 4 of his favourite songs (from his last silly idea – #OneSongaWeek) and set about finding 3 musicians, 2 cameramen and 1 audio guy… The rest, as they say, is history.

Big love and thanks go to the EDF Energy London Eye, Caleb and the gang at sE Microphones, Andy, Maddie, Sophia, James, Harry, Tom and everyone else involved.

The #LondonEyeEP is released July 1st and will be available to watch (for free) on http://www.LondonEyeEP.co.uk.

The  ‘All of #OneSongaWeek’ album is out on July 8th (available on iTunes).  This includes all 52 songs from #OneSongaWeek as well as a Chord and Lyric book.

To see Frank live in London, click here.  Info / ticket links for all other tour dates can be found here.

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Full #LondonEyeEP Credits:

The EDF Energy London Eye
Caleb and the gang at sE Electronics
Mark and co at Martin Guitars
Andy Knox (logistics)
James Earp (audio)
Harry Handyside (visuals)
Maddie Cutter (cello)
Sophia Rees (viola)
Tom Cumberland (hair)
Naomi Lake (make-up)
Tom (filming)
Alex Woolcot (photography)
Giordano Pietro Di Pino-Forino (filming)
Barbara Benson (editing)
Sunil Patel (jack of all trades)
Frank Hamilton (songs and silly ideas)