One blog a week, for the whole of 2013.

Week 10 – Firstly to Seventhly…

Things have been a little hectic the last few days, so apologies for week 10 of #OneBlogaWeek actually arriving in week 11!

Firstly, Sunday is the new Friday! From now on #OneBlogaWeek will be arriving on the sabbath.

Secondly, here’s an advert that made me chuckle:


Thirdly, here’s a free download of a cover of the song on that advert. It was recorded live in session for XFM a few years ago.


Fourthly, here’s a photo of a grandfather clock I bought (from a charity shop in Brixton) to put onstage for the show at The Garage in Islington.  £80!

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 01.00.18


Fifthly, that’s all.  I’ll be back on Sunday with week 11 of #OneBlogaWeek featuring my thoughts, some photos and maybe even some videos from Monday’s show.

Sixthly, actually that’s not all!  I just found this video of me and Ryan Keen performing ‘Miles Apart’ from the #OneSongaWeek show in December…


Seventhly (this is getting silly now), that really is all.

Have a lovely week,

Frank x


This time last year:

Tiny Chemicals… Here’s the blog.

Week 9 – My next silly idea: #LondonEyeEP

Regular #OneBlogaWeeker’s will know that my next silly idea has been brewing for a while and the time has (finally!) come to tell you all about it, so without further ado…


On 24th March 2013 I’ll be recording an EP on the London Eye (in the 30 minutes it takes to go round once).

I actually dropped the news on Twitter and Facebook the other day and the response kept me awake for hours (as if I wasn’t excited enough already).  Here are just a few sets of 140 characters…

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 13.05.27

Before we move on and do a #LondonEyeEP FAQ using some of the questions you sent in I’d like to know why FAQ’s are called FAQ’s (and not Q&A’s, which is essentially what they are)? Answers on a postcard…

#LondonEyeEP FAQ aka Q&A

Q: Will you ACTUALLY be recording it on the London Eye?
A: No, Brains. I just called it #LondonEyeEP for the sheer hell of it.
A: YES!!!  

Q: Does it really take 30 minutes to go round? I thought it was longer.
A: So did I but apparently not! There’s also a tannoy at the start/end which means we have about 27 minutes to work with.

Q: Can we come in the capsule with you when you record it?
A: There are 15 of us (plus gear) are allowed (so there might be room for a cheeky few) More news soon.

Q: Can we buy a ticket for the same time and watch from the capsule next to it?
A: Currently trying to find out if The London Eye are ok with this.  Bear with me…

Q: How many and what songs will be on it?
A: I’m not entirely sure yet. Any requests?!

Q: Will it just be you on your own playing the songs?
A: No (is the short answer).

Q: Will it be filmed?
A: Yes (in a word).

Q: When will it be released?
A: Before I go on tour in April.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 13.31.58

Needless to say I’m very excited about it, but if I come back to the real world for a second there are plenty of other things to be getting on with before I get too immersed in making records on-board famous London landmarks…

Most of this week has been spent getting ready for the upcoming show/meet and greet next week.  When I say ‘getting ready for’ what I really mean is ‘shitting a brick about’ – there’s an awful lot of work to do and not much time left to do it!

With that in mind I’m off to meet soundman Kev to have a chat about next week… we’ve got a few new instrument’s knocking around these days 🙂


Tickets available from here and here.

Week 8 – Gumtree & The Piano

Another concise installment of #OneBlogaWeek, starting with some news on the live front:

London, there are still a few tickets left for March 11th Upstairs @ The Garage.  They are £5 each and the first 25 people through the door will get a little present.  Available from here or here.

Leeds, it didn’t look likely but somehow it happened! I’ll be in town on April 25th at a place called Northern Monkey. Tickets here.

While we’re talking about live stuff, here’s a video from the #OneSongaWeek live show in December.  The 21st and final song in the set, ‘Flaws & Ceilings’.


This Week:

The days have been productive enough (rehearsals, planning, admin, etc etc) but the evening’s have been much more exciting…

On Monday I made a snap decision – ‘I will own a piano by this time next week’.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 18.55.39

Tuesday was spent looking at Gumtree and watching Lauren Aquilina (from the above video)’s first ever headline show in Kings Cross!

On Wednesday I went to visit a nice lady called Lisa, who lives in Richmond and was selling a piano for £50.

…and on Thursday me, my friend Jacob, Lisa from Richmond and Steve from the Big Yellow Van Company conspired to transport said piano from Richmond to my flat in Clapham.  Voila!

There’s something special about having a proper piano in your house.  It’s beautiful (but it needs a tune)!


This Time Last Year:

Week 8 – ‘Make Things Make Sense’.  I wrote a song about moving to the big city and a blog about some old Australian housemates…


Week 7 – 5,000k, a Cup of Tea & some PMA.

First things first, I announced a London show a few days ago.

It’s an all ages, full band show Upstairs at The Garage in Islington on Monday 11th March and there’s also a scheduled meet n greet afterwards.

It’s on a school night so we’ll be starting around half 7 (with a support act) and finishing around 10 so everyone can make it home safely and soundly in time for some sleep before Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 17.43.31

If you’d like to come and haven’t got your ticket yet, you can grab one here:  http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/frank-hamilton-tickets/40739


This Week:

This week’s been a bit all over the place.  Literally.  I’ve done about 5,000km!

It was supposed to start with a train to Stanstead on Tuesday but they were all cancelled, so I took a taxi with two randoms and still ended up spending £55!  A plane, a sleep and a five hour car journey later I arrived in Madrid to sit inside a stadium with 85,000 others and watch 22 men kick a football around on some grass for 90 minutes.

The game was special, as was getting to spend a few days with my folks in the sunshine, but it didn’t last long.  By Thursday I was back on a plane to rainy London and up at 8am Friday for a meeting and then a trip to Cardiff.

Cardiff was fun for about 15 minutes until I got on the train to Caerphilly and arrived in Ukulele heaven.  Less than two hours later I was on my way home again… with a new toy 🙂

This weekend is going to be a quiet but busy one, working away on a few bits and bobs.  I’ve got all those competition prizes and some merch orders to pack and ship, a chord and lyric book to finish (the end is in sight!), a house to tidy, some clothes to wash, rehearsals to organise (for the gig and for my next silly idea) and so on.  Then tomorrow I’m off to meet an accountant, visit the guitar repair shop, talk to a man about a stage, have a rehearsal with my drummer and do a bunch of other things that probably aren’t very exciting to read about.  (Sorry!).

Finally, a song I wrote about doing some bad things and wanting to give them up has been put on an online tea advert.  You can watch it here:


Aside from travelling 5,000 physical kilometres this week I’ve also been on quite a journey inside my head and am pleased to report that I’m no longer a smoker.  It’s early days but I’m taking it pretty seriously this time and truth be told, am really quite excited about it all!  (Here’s to PMA).


This time last year:

#OneSongaWeek got down with the kids and went all Dubstep. It’s nice to hear something random and different with one of my songs but part of me wishes I’d gone with a version of Unstoppable that was more ‘me’ (for want of a better way of putting it).  Not to worry though, I’ve a feeling we’ll get to that in good time (very soon, when it’s album time).

Here’s week 7 of #OneSongaWeek if you’d like to get your glow-sticks out…

Week 6 – A Band, A Ukulele & Some Nice Shoes

A short (and slightly rushed) blog this week, with a few random things that may or may not be of interest.

Firstly, I’ll be going on tour in April/May (with a band, a ukulele and some nice shoes) and I’d love it if you left your houses for the evening to come and sing some songs with me.  Here are the dates:


I’ve been getting a few disappointed tweets about the lack of shows in Manchester, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Nottingham, etc and I can only apologise.  I’ll do my best to visit later in the year but in the meanwhile why not hop in a car/on a train and have an evening in Liverpool, Southampton, Stockton, Leicester or somewhere else?!

You may have noticed the 25th is still free so we are still hoping for one more but attempts at Leeds, York and a few others have so far proved unsuccessful.  Right now we’re looking at Dublin, but who knows!

Back to London and as I mentioned last week and the above flyer confirms, May 3rd is already sold out.  Therefore I’m super excited to tell you about something else that’s happening even sooner…

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 22.29.29

FYI it’ll be an intimate show in Islington (followed by a meet n greet).  Ticket links will be sent out to those on the mailing list this afternoon, so if you’ve not signed up yet head over to frankhamilton.co.uk and do so now!


This Week:

This week’s been nice enough.  I’ve spent most of it organising songs for the live show, starting rehearsals with the band, having conversations about an album with a nice chap called Rich and generally allowing myself to start getting a little bit excited about the coming weeks and months.

Prior to my home internet breaking (again!) I’ve been enjoying Twitter as usual.  One day I’m going to write a book about it, but for now here are a few things that have made me smile over the last week or two:

1) The uber talented @bettykirkers sent in this painting/drawing/thing of me in the bath (with clothes on)!

2) People have been naming things after me (which is a bit weird, but very lovely).  From Gerbils to Cactus’ (Cactii?) and Goldfish to the British Disabled Ski-team’s Van! What’s all that about?!

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 01.26.07

3) It’s always nice when people tweet about their Merch arriving but this one inparticular made me laugh.  I use random bits of cardboard to protect the CDs from smashing and on this occassion I appear to have given too much away!  For the record, yes, I do have a pink hairdryer (the one on the box in the photo)…  It was half price and cost me £9.99 from Superdrug. Happy now?!

4) Random people getting in touch.  Whether it’s Nat Cassidy (Sonia from Eastenders), Lucy Spraggan (of X-Factor fame) or Sarah Taylor (the hot girl from school) Twitter is always throwing up random little gems when you least expect them.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 09.59.52


This Time Last Year:

I was changing house-mates (out with Scottish and in with the Hungarian) and recording this little ditty:

Week 5 – Monkey-Tennis, Interviews & Raffle News

Dear all,

It’s 09:52am on Friday Morning and much like the blog for week 50 of #OneSongaWeek I’m starting this from the depths of the underground (Victoria line Northbound if you’re interested)…

Everyone else is either reading The Metro or playing Monkey-Tennis on their smart phone (apart from the girl sat opposite me who has her face in in a Greggs pastie) and I’m sitting here with tired eyes and a laptop, plotting my course through this weeks #OneBlogaWeek.

Let’s be methodical about this. Here’s an itinerary:

  1. Tour news.
  2. Interview with BBC Radio 5live.
  3. Competition/raffle news.
  4. My next silly idea.


1) Tour Stuff.

The London show on May 3rd is now officially sold out, which is mental!  I try not to get too wrapped up in these things but when I think back to a year ago, the prospect of selling out a 300+ capacity show (not to mention more than 3 months in advance!) was less of a prospect and more of a pipe dream.  Needless to say I’m sat here looking at the possibility of adding in another London show and smiling my little socks off.

The rest of the tour is almost finished (just waiting for a few more ticket links) and you can find all the ticket info on frankhamilton.co.uk (click on the logo and then go to the live section).

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 18.56.28


2) Radio Interview.

I’ve just been sent the MP3 of an interview I did for BBC Radio 5 live in December, in which myself, Doton and the soon-to-be legendary Jamie Stangroom chat about #OneSongaWeek and play some songs.  Here it is…


3) Competition Results.

On Monday I posted a competition/raffle on Facebook asking people to pick a number between 1 and 200… 517 entries later, here we are!

NB: Sorry if you were one of the 317 who got there late and gave a duplicate answer. We’ll do this again soon with a bigger number and maybe even some better prizes 🙂

Without further ado, the winning numbers are:

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 18.55.15

I’ll post on Facebook tomorrow with the corresponding winning names and tell you how to get in touch if you’ve won!


4) My next silly idea.

One or two people on Twitter have cottoned on already and I’m going to give the rest of you one more chance to figure this out for yourselves because…

You and eye are going round in circles.

Got it?! More details next week.  Until then, enjoy yourselves (and each other).

Frank xxx

Week 4 – Hopes, fears and silly ideas…

Friday Morning. 2am:
I knew the transition from #OneSongaWeek to 2013 would be a hard one.

Last year was all about minutes, hours and days. Things got done quickly and the demands of such a project meant that I could actively encourage others to join in the (fast-paced) fun.  Ideal.

2013 is a little different – the real world works in days, weeks and months. I’m still chomping at the bit but the problem is I don’t have a legitimate excuse to encourage others to do the same.  Frustrating.

Right now I’m waiting for any one of 3 bits of news to come back but truth be told I can only think about one of them… and if the answer’s not ‘yes’ then I’m going to be well and truly gutted.


Friday Afternoon. 2pm.

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up 10 minutes before your alarm goes off, although at the time I was too preoccupied with sourcing a half-decent breakfast and making it to a meeting on time to notice. I left the house at 10, made to Costa Coffee for 10:32 and an hour later I was on the Northern line on my way home again when my phone made a noise… (for those not in London, they have wi-fi in some tube stations these days)!

An iMessage and an email from Sir Alex Ferguson combined to deliver 2 out of the 3 bits of news.

The first – more tour dates. There’s still more to come but here’s a list so far…

21st April: SOUTHAMPTON: Tickets here
26th April: STOCKTON (near M’Boro): Tickets here
27th April: BIRMINGHAM: Tickets here
30th April: GUILDFORD: Tickets here
3rd May: LONDON: Tickets here

The second – and the only bit of news I was after was regarding the silly idea I had last week and guess what?! …THEY SAID YES!!!!!

Out of all the silly ideas I think this might be my favourite so far and I can’t wait to start planning now we’ve been given the nod. I don’t want to give too much away but this will be all about some songs, some strings and hopefully a series of gigs. Confused? So am eye.


Let’s move on (before I give the game away) and talk about a video I watched on Thursday. If you’ve never seen a ‘Rap Battle’ before then let me introduce you to my new favourite Youtube hobby…


Some of you may recognise the chap on the left, who is of course Mark Grist. This time last year (after seeing his first battle rap) I chanced an email (using the form on his website) to see if he might like to get involved in #OneSongaWeek…

12 months, 2 collaborations, a live-show and several laughs later I’ve lost no admiration (or jealousy) for Marks understanding of words and it’s great to see him back on the battle-rap scene and taking things up a notch. We haven’t spoken since the first week in January (the best thing about #OneSongaWeek is that I get to be friends with all these people afterwards!) but I’ve no doubt he’s got some things up his sleeve and 2013 will be an interesting year for him, too.


Lastly, someone on Facebook asked where to download my cover of The Smiths ‘Please, Please, Please’ so I thought I’d end this weeks blog with just that.


On the basis that the tempo, time signature and some of the lyrics are different it’s probably less of a cover and more of a mash up (sorry purists!), but I hope you like it all the same. FYI it’s free to download.


This Time Last Year:
I wrote a song about a girl called Ashley and told a little story (about how I used to fancy her like crazy back in school but then she married an idiot… before she was even old enough to drink)!

Week 3 – Touring, Statistics and Team-work.

Hi, how’s it going? You look nice…

I’d like to start this weeks #OneBlogaWeek by telling you about a few things:

1) TOUR!  I’ll be playing some shows in April/May and so far I’ve announced dates in London, Birmingham and Southampton.  More to come!

2) I had another silly idea (complete with it’s very own hashtag) and I’m REALLY excited. More on that soon.

3) Lots of you have been asking me to put more physical copies of ‘The Best of OneSongaWeek’ up for sale in the online shop, so I’ll be doing just that over the weekend – 10 copies on Saturday (at Midday) and 10 copies on Sunday (at 9pm).

4) This morning I woke up to over 4,000 faces on both Facebook and Twitter!  I’m no mathematician, but there seems to be an awful lot more of you than there was a month ago.  Let me find my calculator…

Money Spent:
Promo: £0
Tea: £30 (conservative estimate).

Records Sold:
More than I should have 🙂

Stats Increase (since album release):
Facebook: 51%
Twitter: 121%

If this trend continues I can expect to end 2013 with:
Facebook: 3,187,500 likes
Twitter: 16,452,499 followers

Ok, so the very last one is completely made up… told you I was no mathematician!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 13.04.01



My week’s been ok (thanks for asking).  I’ve been working on a few new songs (early days), tidying my house and persevering with the 52-track chord & lyric book (which seems to be taking ages), as well as popping into town every now and again…

Last week I kept you up to date with a little story about football and this week I’d like to do the same.

I don’t just like football, I live and breathe it… and right now I’m (very) focused on reaching the highest level I possibly can.  The weeks, months and years ahead involve lots of practice and lots and hard work but that alone won’t be enough to get me where I need to go.  If this is happening (and it is – we’re talking premier league here) then there is one thing I simply won’t succeed without… a team.

If you’ve not already guessed, music is a lot like football (and I’m not about to get my shin-pads out)…

Two of the most important people in my team are already in place and they are:

  • My very own Alex Ferguson (aka Andy), who brings out the best in me and tells me to tweet more often.
  • My very own crowd (aka you),  who keep me keeping on with your incredible support (cheese-infested but true).

There has and will continue to be a few conversations over the next few weeks, each with the sole purpose of selecting the right team to move forward with. From lawyers to pluggers, agents to investors and producers to street team leaders, it’s all very exciting.  It’s also very well timed in the sense that I’m more or less finished with #OneSongaWeek duties (chord/lyric book aside) and able to take a bit of a step back and think about what I really, truly want from all of this.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 13.04.22


This Time Last Year:

The reality of having just signed up to writing, recording and releasing a song a week (for the next 49 weeks) was starting to set in.  I talked about ‘Mr Enormity’ and wrote, recorded and released some words about the town I grew up in.  Here’s the song and an excerpt from the blog:


“I’m no doctor, but I am convinced that ‘Small Town Syndrome’ is playing a big role in the demise of my home town (and maybe yours too)_ and I’m desperate for it to be recognised as a genuine and serious medical condition”Read more here.

Week 2 – Circles, Videos & Bigger Boys

Thursday night.  Tele on (mute).  Sat on the couch with a brew, some hobnobs and what is about to become the second installment of #OneBlogaWeek.

It’s been a bit of a weird few days since I opened the new online shop on Sunday and I seem to have spent most of my time going round in circles.

Typing out chords/lyrics for the eBook.
Packing up and sending merch.
Queuing at the Post Office.
Typing out chords/lyrics for the eBook.
Packing up and sending merch.
Queuing at the Post Office.
Typing out chords/lyrics for the eBook.
Packing up and sending merch.
Queuing at the Post Office.
Typing out chords/lyrics for the eBook.

…you get the idea.

Outside of my new daily routine I still have two personalities:

‘Oh, #OneSongaWeek. Where have you (and my sense of daily achievement) gone?!’  😦


‘Oh, 2013. You look pretty tasty. Let’s dance!’  🙂

Maybe someday soon I’ll get to have a long weekend off, visit a country with sun in and figure out how I really feel… but in the meanwhile here’s some news about physical CDs:

Every night this week I’ve been releasing 5 signed copies of ‘The Best of #OneSongaWeek’ in the online shop.  Much like the previous days, Thursdays batch went on sale and were gone within a minute (literally)…

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 22.58.39
If you’re wondering why on earth I’d do such a silly thing it’s because there aren’t many copies of the first ever, hand-made pressing left and something like this gives everyone who wants one a fair(er) chance.  If you’re still after a copy I’ll be releasing another batch today and announcing times on Facebook and Twitter so keep your eyes peeled (and get there a minute early)!

While we’re on the subject of CDs, the winner of the Facebook competition (and new owner of the above CD) is Molly Dunlea. Congratulations Molly!

…and now for the exciting part.  Here are some videos from the #OneSongaWeek live show on 20th December.

If I Die Tomorrow (the night before the world was supposed to end)!

Soundchecking with Newton Faulkner.

If you like these you might want to come and see me live in the in April/May (I’ll be touring)… and if you’ve not written on this Facebook status yet and told me where I should visit then make sure you do!

Finally, I haven’t been doing enough exercise lately so I’d like to finish week 2 with a little story…

The Psychology of Football

When I was young I used to love football and that hasn’t changed, but these days I appreciate the psychology of the beautiful game a lot more than I ever did…

Most days in summer I would cycle down to the neighbouring village in the hope that there would be a game I could join.  I was no Cantona but I was certainly no Heskey and more importantly I loved it, so every available hour was spent running around and honing my skills (both on the field and off it).

One thing I never did get the hang of, though, of was the bigger boys.  They were in charge and they made the rules.  If you wanted to play you had to ask them and if you were lucky enough to be allowed you had to pass the ball to them at every opportunity.

The bigger boys were temperamental (at best) and their mood would consistently impact upon everyone else.  As far as they were concerned I didn’t need to be there and they weren’t at all coy about it – which didn’t do much for my confidence levels and subsequent performance.

Too many times I let them get the better of me and too many times I questioned why I cared for their opinions (before arriving home in time for dinner, telling my mum everything was fine and trying to think of ways to get in their good books for next time).  

But that was then and this is now.  Times have changed.  I’ve changed.

This week I went home, cycled down to the game (which was in full swing), walked right up to the bigger boys and spoke…  

Who knows what I said?  It’s not important.  For the first time ever none of it mattered.  Before the conversation I knew what I was going to do (join in, make my mark on, and above all enjoy the game), and no matter what was said during it that determination wasn’t going to be swayed.  Not for no-one.  

And so far it hasn’t….

We’d be foolish to think we don’t need the bigger boys at all. They organise well (sometimes) and can make things happen that the rest of us wouldn’t otherwise be a part of, but we must always remember that they are not the be all and end all… and ultimately they only care about themselves.

Getting their approval is nice, but you’re not obliged to pass to them. 


This Time Last Year:

I was finishing off week 2 of #OneSongaWeek and writing a blog about chicken, while still trying to decide if the whole thing was just a silly waste of time! Looking back I’m not entirely sure about the sound of week 2, but I really like the song itself. Potential B-side perhaps…

Week 1 – #OneSongaWeek —> #OneBlogaWeek

Another year, another silly idea.  Here we go again…

As some of you may already know, I spent my 2012 writing, recording and releasing #OneSongaWeek.

After 52 weeks of hard graft I woke up to find my name on a single (which apparently did well), an album (which apparently did really well) and a sold out show in London (which was apparently one of the best nights of my life to date).


Truth be told, the last year of my life has been nothing short of insane and it would take me weeks to find the right words (by which time we’d be well into 2013), so for now we’ll leave the past where it is and move on to the two most important tenses in life – the present and the future.


The Present:

As you might expect my head is a bit all over the place at the moment (nothing new there, then).  Life after #OneSongaWeek only began a few days ago and much like the project itself has been very confusing…

On one hand I’m gutted that it’s all over (OSAW has been my life for the last 52 weeks) and I can’t help but worry about the future.

On the other, I’m delighted that it’s finished (no weekly deadline = focus on an album/touring) and I’m beyond excited about the future.

Whatever the current state of my mental affairs, there’s not a lot of time to mope around and mourn the death of #OneSongaWeek.  Both 2013 and #OneBlogaWeek have arrived and there’s an awful lot of work to be done, so it’s best I just get on with it…


The Future:

…is bright.  Orange, in fact.

Actually it’s not Orange anymore, is it?  The future is now ‘EE’, who (judging by my intermittent signal) appear to be a bit shit.  Crikey, maybe things don’t look so good after all?!

Mobile phone’s aside, I’ve spent much of the last few weeks worrying about how this years project could ever live up to it’s predecessor, but the truth is it doesn’t have to…

In case you haven’t already twigged, #OneBlogaWeek isn’t the be all and end all for 2013.  It’s a small part of a much bigger plan to keep me making music and keep you knowing about it.

Q: So why not #OneSongaWeek again?!

A: Really?!
A: Because I care SO much about the songs. It’s tiring.
A: Because I want to focus on bigger and better things (an album/touring).

Q: But why #OneBlogaWeek?!

A: Because I enjoy writing and I’d like to get better at it.
A: Because having some form of routine is a good thing.
A: Because I can still give you songs, videos and other bits and bobs.

The bottom line is, we can still talk every week but this way I’ll have time to leave the house and do important things like tour, release proper singles and (slowly but surely) take over the world.

The last sentence is silly, but I’m smiling because I still feel like I did 10 years ago…

I’m not ashamed to admit that Blink 182’s ‘Enema of the State’ is the first album that made me want to write songs and take over the world, so this next bit feels like a good route in to 2013 and #OneBlogaWeek.

Here’s a free download of an (old) cover of one of my favourite songs from that album – ‘Going Away To College’.


Before we finish the first ever #OneBlogaWeek with the ‘This Time Last Year’ section (which may or may not turn out to be a regular feature) I’d like to tell you about two things you might be interested in.

  • Firstly, ‘Weeks 1-52 of #OneSongaWeek’ (the full length album) will be released in the next week or two and comes with the lyrics and chords to all 52 songs.
  • Secondly, I’ll be going on tour in April/May and you can already get your tickets for the London show here. More dates TBA.


This Time Last Year:

I had just finished demoing the first ever #OneSongaWeek and Jose Vanders was on her way round to record some vocals.  I remember being sat on the couch making a list when the doorbell rang –  a list of rather ambitious names I might try and speak to about a #OneSongaWeek collaboration.

That evening I called my friend Rich (a radio plugger) to tell him about my plans and to ask about a few people on my list, only to have him chuckle and urge me to have a serious re-think!  It turned out Rich wasn’t the only one with reservations, so I spent the majority of week 1 sat on the couch drinking mulled wine and wondering if it was all just a stupid idea…

Obviously quite a lot has changed since then (I’ve got a beard, a lot more songs and I’m happier in my heart) but some things remain the same:

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 22.36.12