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Week 36 – #FrankSupportComp – THE RESULTS

4 hours and 3 cups of tea later… I’ve just finished watching all the #FrankSupportComp entries!!

First though, what better way to start week 36’s blog than by shamefully plugging my new music video (for the song people were asked to cover) – a year on from when the original #OneSongaWeek version was written and recorded.

FYI It’s the lead track from the forthcoming ‘Summer EP’ (which isn’t very summery) and you’ll be able to pre-order it in less than 48 hours – from midnight on Thursday/Friday!!!

Now then, on to the winners of the #FrankSupportComp…

Before I announce them, can I just say how much I’ve enjoyed the last few hours.  It’s always nice to hear people cover my songs (and make them sound great) but it’s also nice to sit down for 5 minutes and be reminded that there is SO much talent and SO much individuality out there. Don’t go changing (is basically what I’m saying).  I won’t get all X-Factory about it but some decisions were as hard as others were easy. There are a few I’m super disappointed not to include but I’d like to think we’ll do this again sometime in 2014….

Anyway, without further ado… here are the winners (and their covers):

Megan D

Darrell Coyle

Lizzie Jane 

Rob Wilson

Emma Corbett-Usher

Adam Double

Other ones I really enjoyed and definitely deserve a mention are (I’d put all the links in but it’s 3:03am):

Lauren Castle, Finn HP, Emma Crowder, Danyl Brown, Charlotte Hackett, Jamie Willets, David Jay Moore, Fabian Bellassie, Emi McDade, Bella Dalton, Nick o’Shea, Beth Bowman, Charlotte Dee, Gemma Abley, Daisy Morey, Jack Rosies, Izzy Jewell, Megan Lane, Dan Astles, Emily Jones, Emily Carr, Izzy Galbrieth, Holly May, Anna Wilson, William Freeman, Jazmine Kelly, Yassi V, Bea Holloway, Ollie Bowern, Annie Callahan , Corina Palmer, Rhiannon and Verity Gaston.



Please email andyknox ‘at’ live.com to sort out the arrangements – look forward to meeting you all!



HUGE thanks for your time and effort and please keep doing what you do.  Let it be known that none of the covers offended me in the slightest (I thought there would at least but one or two!) and some of you came very, very close and are unlucky not to have been chosen – but them’s the breaks, right?  Stay in touch (on twitter/facebook) and definitely come and say hi if you’re heading to any of the upcoming shows (I’ll be kicking around after all of them).

Lastly (and just in case you didn’t process it the first time) the ‘Summer EP‘ pre-order will be going live on Thursday night/Friday morning at midnight.  I can’t WAIT to tell you all about track 3 (you’ll see what I mean)….

Thanks again. All the love,

Frank x


This Time Last Year:

The old version of ‘Summer’:

Week 35 – #FrankMerchComp – The Winners

3:57am and I’m FINALLY starting to write up the #FrankMerchComp results…

I’ve had even less sleep than usual this week and I feel like I may be going a bit crazy but this really isn’t the time for stories of slumber or sanity…  We’re here for something FAR more exciting…


If you say that really slowly in a deep, American accent it sounds dramatic. Try it!!


As per usual with #OneBlogaWeek, I haven’t quite found the time to do this how I wanted to but never the less we’re here… and so are the winning designs – all of which will feature on some form of Frank Hamilton (that’s me – hi) merchandise over the coming months!

FYI – Some of the items have yet to be decided (eg: some designs might be on a postcard and others might be on a t-shirt), but for now here are the winners…


Polly (@PollyTeamFrank)


Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 15.25.06

Jade Noon.


Georgie Lennon MC

Jane Bingley


James Turton. (design will change. to be done on computer).


Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 03.34.48

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 03.34.40

Koyni Kamal



Aileen Fuller



Nina. (the design will change but the idea remains).


As I said above, we’ve yet to confirm exactly what these items will become. One or two will definitely be t-shirts and the others will either be postcards, stickers, prints or maybe even an iPhone cover (thanks to April Nash’s idea).

There were also one or two other designs I REALLY liked that may get used in some way but obviously if that happens I’ll let you know.  For now (and seeing as this is a bit of rush job), I only wanted to post the ones I’m 100% certain will get turned into something you can hold 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who entered. PLEASE don’t be disappointed or disheartened if your design wasn’t one of the ones above – the standard’s been absolutely incredible and if I could have chosen 20 designs I would have done!

Anyway, more news on all this in a few days time once we’ve made some firm decisions (feel free to pitch in as per usual)!


Finally, my first ever music video was released on Friday and had over 5,000 views on day 1!!  I’m really proud of it, so hopefully you’ve got a few minutes to have a watch and maybe share the link for all your friends / family to see…

Week 34 – Merch Competition – The (not quite) Results…

Afternoon! How are we?!

Firstly, I need to apologise for taking a while to post this blog – things are a bit manic in the run up to the #SummerEP (understatement of the century).

Secondly, and most importantly, I need to say a MASSIVE thank you to each and every one of you who took the time/effort to enter the merchandise competition – WHAT a response!  We had well over 100 entries (which is just insane) and choosing a winner is proving to be a massive head-ache… so I thought I’d show you some of my favourites and open it up to general discussion – before announcing the winners of this along with the winners of the #FrankSupportComp later this week (probably Friday – I’ll keep you posted on Twitter).

So without further ado, here are some (not all) of my favourites:

‘Song for Noah’ by Polly


‘All or Nothing’  by Koyni Kamal

sketch1376865123805‘Fork You’ by Jane Bingley

Georgie Lennon MC

‘Ukulele Cat’ by Aileen Fuller


‘Tiny Chemicals’ by Konyi Kamal


Birds/Logo by Logan Webb


‘The Birds’ mobile phone cover by April Nash

April Nash MC

‘Songs That I Don’t Know’ by ??? (Please email teamfrank@live.co.uk)!


‘Trains & Buses’ by Matt Wallace


‘Me and my Typewriter’ by Polly


‘I can change my socks…’ by Chloe Oliver


‘This is Parrot’ by @houseofkoalas


‘Tiny Chemicals’ by Alice Mae

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 15.15.29

The Best of #OneSongAWeek by Bella Dalton


‘Crikey’ by James Turton


‘Socks/Ways’ by Aileen Fuller


‘Trains and Buses’ by ??? (Please email teamfrank@live.co.uk)!


‘Tiny Chemicals’ by Martha Samuel


‘#OneSongaWeek’ by Emma Turton

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 15.42.51

‘If I Die…’ by Josh McKeegan

If I Die Tomorrow t-shirt

‘All Or Nothing’ by Jemma Silvert

Jemma Silvert MC

 ‘Standing On Your Street’ by ??? (Please email teamfrank@live.co.uk)!

image copy

‘All Or Nothing’ (again) by Georgie Lennon


🙂 by Polly #TeamFrank


#LondonEyeEP by Logan Webb


‘You, Your Cat & Me’ by Nina


Me in an Acorn?! by Samantha Moreno


Waterloo/Guildford by Harry Middlemas


‘My life in a line drawing’ by Jade Noon

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 15.25.06

Special mentions also go to:

Fluer Hunt, Ruth Phillips, Beth McLoughlin, Meg Hanlan, May Hoang, Olivia (libbyteapot), Rachel Farrugia, Alice, Erin Allan, Angela Innes, Sophie… and anyone else I’ve missed!!

Let me know which designs you’re enjoying! As ever you can tweet me, Facebook me or comment on this very blog post.

Thanks once again to everyone for their entries and for taking the time to get involved. Can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks time on tour. It’s going to be a lot of fun…. (here’s a list of dates / info)


Frank x

Week 33 – #SummerEP and Stuff

It’s 1:24am and I’m sat at the dining table in my parents house, running low on chocolate digestives but high on life (after this evenings little announcement). What a difference a few days make…

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 01.49.16

Week 33’s blog should have arrived last week but it was a bit like McDonalds beef before it’s been washed in toxic waste – not really fit for human consumption.

Basically, it was just a mish-mash of words about being tired (but also lucky to be tired), worrying a lot and not having the ability to switch off… EVER.

There’s a really fine line that needs treading with this sort of stuff (and that irks me).  On one hand I want to be totally honest about a) the way I feel and b) this industry, but on the other I know I probably shouldn’t.  I’d also like to think that you lot know me pretty well by now… and that’s definitely a blessing and a curse.

  • A blessing for obvious reasons. I write songs and you sing them – everyone’s a winner (also, I like your face).
  • …and a curse because sometimes I forget that words, sentences and paragraphs can be taken in SO many ways depending on the reader, their perception of the situation and whether or not they burnt their toast this morning.

For example (and to give you a bit of an insight), here’s an excerpt from last weeks blog that didn’t make it past quality control…

…It’s definitely down to the week I’ve had, which has (and kind of still does) make me want to punch a wall just so I can be taken to A & E and dosed up on morphine while they click my fingers and thumbs back into place.

Jess from Birmingham might read that and think: ‘Aww bless him. Hope things get better‘, where as Tom from Luton might think ‘What?! I work 9-7 every day in a job I hate and he’s moaning about doing music for a living‘.

I guess it’s all relative – as are the ups and downs that define my mood on a daily basis.  Right now I’m in a totally different place to where I was last week and who knows where I’ll be in a few hours, days or weeks time… (perhaps in a cornfield?! – see below).

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 01.49.30

I know where I’ll be between September 20th and October 10th, though… and that’s on tour (where life is far more enjoyable and far less complicated)!

Speaking of tour, we’ve been running a competition to design some merchandise and I’m really going to need your help on the judging front!  There have been over 100 entries (and loads I really like) so I figured I’d post as many of my favourites as I can fit in to week 34’s blog… and over the course of a few days we’ll narrow it down and pick some winners!  So without further ado…

Week 34 – #FrankMerchComp.

ETA – early hours of Sunday morning (when I’m back in London town).

Week 32 – Merch Design & Tour Support Competitions!

This week it’s competition time. Not once, but TWICE!

  • A cover competition – for the chance to support me on tour!
  • A merchandise competition – to design some merch for tour!

Let’s start with the ‘SUMMER’ COVER COMPETITION.


How to enter:

  • Learn ‘Summer’ (week 36 of #OneSongaWeek).
  • Record a cover of ‘Summer’ in any style on any instrument (or even a capella)!
  • Upload the cover to Youtube.
  • Name the video: ‘Summer – Frank Hamilton cover by [your name]’.
  • Post your entry on facebook.com/frankhamiltonuk
  • Tweet a link with the hashtag #FrankSupportComp

To make things a little easier you can download the chords and lyrics to Summer (and a couple of other songs) for free on my Music Glue page (click here) and the song itself can be found on either Youtube or iTunes.

I’ll be picking my favourite(s) and the winner(s) will be given a support slot at their local show on tour in September/October. Competition closes on September 1st!


Moving swiftly on to the MERCHANDISE COMPETITION:

Someone on Twitter suggested we do a merch competition (for those who are better with pens and pencils than with guitars and glockenspiels) and I thought that was a great idea, so here’s the brief:

‘Design some cool new merch. Simple as that!’

Below are my existing t-shirts and here’s a link to the shop with some other bits and bobs on.

Your design doesn’t have to be in the same style as one of the existing ones (but it can be if you like).  Play it safe or think outside the box, it’s up to you. Whether it’s a song, a picture, a lyric or something totally unrelated I’m already excited to see what you come up with!

Also, your design doesn’t have to be a t-shirt.  Socks, iPhone cases and Jumpers are all things I’m half considering – but ultimately it’s up to you.


How to enter:

  • Get thinking / listening to songs / looking at other merch.
  • Draw / paint / design your merchandise – It doesn’t have to be the finished article (yet)!
  • Post your entry on facebook.com/frankhamiltonuk
  • Tweet it with the hashtag #FrankMerchComp
  • Email copies to: teamfrank@live.co.uk

The closing date for this is a little sooner.  You’ve got until Friday 23rd August to get your first draft(s) in before we have a little focus group and see what everyone else thinks – and then we’ll announce the winner(s) on Monday 26th before finishing the design(s) and getting things into production.

Things to remember:

  • Printing with lots of colours is really expensive. Try and keep it to 1 or 2 (or 3 max) colours in the design.
  • You can enter as many times as you like, with as many different designs as you like!

I think that covers everything?! Any questions use the comments below! x

Week 31 – Belladrum / Bonnie Scotland

First things first, I wanted to remind you about this (my biggest ever headline show)…


You can grab tickets from here for £8: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/frank-hamilton/69587

FYI: It’s an all ages show with a 10pm curfew (for trains home) and after-party details (it’s my Birthday the day after!) will be announced in a few weeks.


From the future to the past, and back to last week’s little jaunt to Scotland (to perform at Belladrum festival).

Thursday morning didn’t go entirely to plan.  I was en route to Clapham Common tube station carrying 2 guitars, a ukulele, a guitar stand, merch suitcase, laptop and hand luggage case when my ‘duct tape’ system (which involves taping things together so there are less things to carry) failed miserably.  15 minutes later I was in a taxi en route to Kings Cross train station, slightly stressed and £25 lighter.

We (myself and Andy, who was also carrying too much stuff) made the 12:23 to Huntingdon with about 3 minutes to spare before travelling for an hour, meeting my parents and picking up the car, which was to take us 7 hours north for a stopover in Edinburgh…


We arrived a little groggy but the view of the castle from my friends flat on Frederick Street (and the fact that it was day 1 of the Edinburgh fringe) soon perked us up!  We went for a few drinks in town and wound up at the Speigal tent on George Street – where none other than Holly Drummond (from week 31 of #OneSongaWeek) served me the poor mans equivalent of Jack Daniels in with some Cocacola and ice!


I banished the Edinburgh hangover with a cold shower in Inverness, where the hotel was kind of nice but also kind of weird.  Pro’s included a cafetiere in the room and free WIFI… con’s included the smell and the fact that the coffee tasted less like coffee and more like dirt.


Arriving at Belladrum on Friday afternoon


Playing some songs (to another packed out tent!) on Friday evening.


Last (and favourite) festival of the Summer?!


Someone gave me this after my set (and then ran away)!


The ‘Summer 2014’ look. #AheadOfHisTime


Ghosts by the fire (which couldn’t have been lit at a better time – we were cold).


Jacob and Rox flew back. Me and Andy took on the 10 hour drive… #Bleak


Fork You if you think I’m coming back…

Back in London and in the studio.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it (very, very soon)!

This Time Last Year:

I wrote a song with my friend Terry (who used to be in Alicia’s Attic back in the day) and a girl called Holly (the same Holly who I bumped into in Edinburgh this week) featured on vocals!!

Week 30 – Redfest, SGP & ‘other stuff’.


I said the next blog would be less about pictures and more about words but on the basis that I’m playing catch up (again) we might go for an equal split of both…

This Week

The week began with a TicketWeb session (watch it here), ended with a couple of festivals (Redfest and Secret Garden Party) and had a bunch of other stuff in the middle.

‘Other stuff’ included various meetings (with radio pluggers, press folk, video directors and even a stylist – I know, I know!), a night out for Lauren‘s EP launch and a long overdue catch up the absolute gent that is Ben Price (Lucy‘s tour manager).

As you might expect, there’s an awful lot going on behind the scenes at the moment (and most of it concerns a new record which you’ll be hearing about very soon).

Back to Photo-land

Firstly, the VIP tickets for tour sold out a while ago (but there ARE still some normal ones available)!  Here’s a link to my website, which has all the dates and ticket links on…

(Some of you have asked if I’ll be around after the shows to meet those of you without a VIP ticket and the answer to that is obviously, ‘Yes – of course!’)


Penguin Clothes sent me some clobber last week (which was nice).


Redfest was a bit of a wash-out (but also a lot of fun)!


This whole ‘packed out tent’ thing is becoming a bit of a habit… You guys were AMAZING!


Redfest Montage.


Someone sent in this awesome drawing for ‘Words and Nothing More‘!!  Apparently it was done by the lovely Aileen (who also made this website – which you should all get involved in).  Sometimes I wonder if you guys know just how much all this support means – it makes the shit days less shit and the good days even better – so this is me saying thanks (for existing).


SGP was sunny (and very, very messy).  Turning up sober on a Sunday at most festivals is weird, but this was something else!


SGP montage (feat. Andy, Jacob, Emily and copious amounts of cream cheese).


You know when Petrol Stations are on ‘night mode’ (and you can’t go inside)…?  Does anyone else take photos of the sandwiches before zooming in and deciding which one to order?!  It’s fast becoming my favourite past-time…


Babies?  Great.

Royal babies?  Still great.

Magazines about royal babies for £9.99?!  No. Just no.


Next week, a (long) trip to Scotland and a slot at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival.  Until then… x


This Time Last Year:

I wrote a song called ‘Typewriter’ with a chap called Jacob (the same one in the SGP montage photo)!  We didn’t know each other until the session in week 30 of #OneSongaWeek and now he plays in the band / is one of my good friends. Nice when that happens 🙂

There were 2 versions of the song in week 30 and this is the one we decided NOT to go with in the end.  I actually like this one more but the other one was more interesting from a musical/production point of view. Here’s the blog if you’d like to read it and here’s the song (which you can download for free):

Week 29 – Photoshoots & London Folk Festivals

If all goes to plan then week 29 will be the last ‘picture blog’ for a while.

Of course there will be pictures… but there’ll also be more chit-chat.

Until then…


An impromptu #AskFrank on Twitter (got a little out of hand).


Shooting photos with the lovely Josh Shinner.


It was so hot… my iPhone started kicking off.


Trying to get a photo before my face melts…


30• and they’ve got the heaters on?!


Rehearsing before London FolkFest.


Ollie and Andy. Amazing.


Charming crowd at the FolkFest.


Post-show curry. Living the dream.

IMG_7819NEXT LONDON SHOW!!!Tickets available from here:


This Time Last Year:

If I Die Tomorrow. Click here to read the blog.  Here’s the song:

…and here’s a live video from #OSAWlive back in December 2012:

Week 28 – Hyde Park & Konk


You, Your Tat & Me.  (This. Is. Mental.)


Elton John pulled out (so we got to play).


Writing the set-list on the Victoria line…


Getting ready to go onstage at Hyde Park.


‘While there’s air in my lungs and there’s feet in my shoes’.


Just played Hyde Park w/ Elvis Costello, Ray Davies etc. #OverIt


Watching Elvis Costello. What a guy.


She reads books, I write stories… (w/ Lauren Aquilina)


Managed to blag my mum past security to watch Ray Davies from the tower 🙂


…she drank too much sprite and started imitating the Queen!


The next day, en route to Konk Studios (Ray Davies gaff)…


Introducing Mister Ollie Davies on kit!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 01.14.24

…and Mister Richard Wilkinson in the hot seat.


Ich spiele tischtennis.




Working hard (on Facebook).


6 packets of crisps. That’s 1480 calories of fried potato.


Listening back.


Cables and ting.

This Time Last Year:

Week 28 – Holding On.  This one tends to come up in interviews when I get asked the old “were there any weeks when you were really struggling?” question.  I didn’t start writing it until 4pm on the Thursday (before releasing it on the Friday) and while I think that shows, I still really love something about it.  As ever, here’s the blog… and here’s the song:

Week 27 – Rehearsals & Barn on the Farm Festival

Since we’re running a few weeks behind schedule and in an attempt to catch up, the next few #OneBlogaWeek’s will mostly be in picture/caption form!

photo copy 2

Rehearsing with the gang. Ollie, Jacob, Alex and Emily (who’s new – say hello!).

photo copy 6

My pedal-board for full-band shows (is confusing).

photo copy 5

Gear Stash.

photo copy 3

(Very Loud) Drum pre-production.

photo copy 4

Captain Rich and Lieutenant Ollie.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 21.41.50

My favourite shop in London (just outside rehearsal).

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 21.41.34

Cruising to Barn on the Farm festival (in Emily’s 206).

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 21.40.35

View from the crowd.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 21.41.25

View from the stage.


My signature in tattoo form (x 2) w/ Aaron and Kieran

This Time Last Year:

I bought a Ukulele from Amazon (other online stores available) for £16.99!! Possibly the best £16.99 I’ve ever spent, seeing as ‘Things I Do’ (in it’s current guise) fell out about a month later!

Obviously the Uke hadn’t arrived yet so it wasn’t on the song for week 27, which was called ‘Tomorrow’.  Read the blog here.