Week 11 – My First Ever Show (the 2nd time around)

by Frank Hamilton

Apologies (again) for this weeks #OneBlogaWeek arriving late and being somewhat rushed – normal service will resume soon (even though I have absolutely no idea what that is).

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 18.13.08

Monday’s show was a lot of fun. Thanks SO much to everyone who came out (in the snow) to sing along and make all the hard work worthwhile.  In some ways it felt like my first ever gig (the 2nd time around) and an awful lot of prep went into both the show and the stage.  Needless to say there’s still an awful lot more to be done before tour starts in April but all things considered I was happy enough (for once!) and even managed to crack a smile or two in the taxi home (until my iPhone ran out of battery).

It definitely feels like things have stepped up about a dozen gears since I last put any serious time in with a band (discounting the #OneSongaWeek live show of course).  As well as having a grandfather clock, banner, lamp and vintage TV on stage I now have 2 guitars and a Ukulele at my disposal (instead of the usual, one half-broken guitar) so who knows where we’ll be later this year (A kitchen, working oven/kettle, 17 guitars, 6 Ukuleles and a Harpsichord perhaps?!).

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 13.44.15

Thanks to Giordano, Alex for the photos and Belle the Pirate & Victoria Morgan for the following YouTube videos…

Flaws & Ceilings featuring the lovely Lauren Aquilina 🙂

…and week 39 of #OneSongaWeek – a song I honestly never thought I’d have the balls to play live. Thanks for helping me through it xx