Week 20 – #OneBlogaWeek returns!!

by Frank Hamilton

3:58am and the birds are singing songs that I don’t know… but I’m not gonna sleep because I just got in from tour and I’m buzzing my little socks off!!

I’m not sure it’s possible to find the words to sum up the last few weeks of my life, but i’ll give it a go…



#OneBlogaWeek / Life in general

Before I go on the hunt for adjectives, I’d like to apologise for the lack of #OneBlogaWeek action recently.  I had a funny few weeks after the London Eye EP and didn’t really fancy writing anything… and then when my literary mojo returned I was in the midst of my own tour, Lucy Spraggan‘s tour and pulling 16 hour shifts in a studio.

As you might have gathered, the first few lines of this blog were written at 3:58am on May 4th, less than 6 hours after that unbelievable night at the Borderline and no more than 20 minutes before I fell asleep on the couch.  It’s taken me a while to wake up, but here we are.  Normal service resumed!!

The good news is that everything’s pretty full-on at the moment for a reason. Myself and some of the newer members of #TeamFrank (who you’ll meet soon enough) are plotting landscapes for autumn, winter and beyond and it’s all bloody exciting.

The only real downside is that I haven’t got much time to sit on the couch, drink tea, write blogs and take everything in.




So, tour.   Like I said before, I’m finding it hard to find the right words to sum it all up.  Incredible, unreal, nuts, special, mental, insane, beautiful, life-affirming… the list could go on.

This short video (of me walking back onstage for an encore in Birmingham) says it better than I ever could:


Cheddar aside, I still can’t get over how many of you left your lovely, warm houses to watch me and the gang play some songs. So much smiling, singing and screaming and SO many of you to meet after every show.  Needless to say I had the best time ever (so thanks for that) and I can’t wait to do it all again soon.

Without further ado, here’s some evidence I’ve gathered (from my phone, friends phones and Youtube) to prove that it wasn’t all just a crazy dream.



In Other News…

Before I finish off with the ‘this time last year’ section, there are three other bits of news you may or may not be interested in…

1) #TeamFrank will soon be recruiting! Make sure you read next weeks blog if you’d like to be on my team…

2) #OneShopaWeek has had a make-over and now stocks Flaws & Ceilings t-shirts (as modeled below by the lovely @laurenaquilina!), #LondonEyeEP Posters and ‘Songs and Silly Ideas’ tote bags (amongst other things)!  Have a browse here.


3) In live news, I’ve got another tour coming up (stay tuned) but before then I’ll be navigating the UK with Lewis Watson and have also confirmed/announced a few festivals this Summer.


This Time Last Year:

I was thinking too much…